The 5 Foods to Never Eat

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Grownups are at liberty to choose what they want and don’t want to consume. It is important, however, to not that the freedom comes with a price. Unfortunately, some of the best tasting foods can actually be the worst for your body. Most people believe that they are pretty fit and that the food they consume id healthy too. Though they might be considered healthy, there are some foods you should never consume.  Consumption of unhealthy food does not necessarily mean that you will end up having cancer or some other chronic disease. However, there are 5 foods to never eat; you would want to think twice before purchasing them in the stores. This is mainly after finding out what goes on behind the scenes.

1.    Fruit juice and diet soda.

A lot of soda and fruit juice can actually be bad for your health. Most of the juices that you get in the stores ate purified. This means that the juice that you are purchasing has practically been fruit juice glassesstripped off most of its nutrition. Heating juice is part of the process of juice making. Once the juice is heated the chemical structure of vitamins and minerals is denatured. A glass of homemade juice does not hurt every once in a while. But if it is consumed too often it has damage since it increases the glucose in the blood.

Diet soda contains synthetic sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame K, neotame among others. These sweeteners can cause health related problems since they affect the metabolism and can contribute highly to weight gain. This is not the only condition they cause. They can also cause conditions like joint pain, headaches, inflammatory bowel disease, chemical toxicity and cancer just to mention but a few. Regular soda is also bad for your health. A regular soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. Once you consume these, the body reacts by creating excess insulin. Over time, this can be the beginning of diabetes or cancer.

2.    Processed meat

Processed food such as ham, salami, hot dogs and bacon come with unhealthy fats.  At times they can have up to 400 % more sodium as well as 50 % more preservatives than unprocessed red meat. In some cases, some contain nitrite and nitrates and chemical additives that have been linked to various kinds of cancers. However, a lot of companies still use these chemicals for a number of reasons including enhancing taste, prevention of spoilage and finally promote color. Before purchase these kind of meat it is important to go through the ingredient that have been written on their labels. Non organic genetically modified meat products are foods that you should never eat.

3.    Margarine

Margarine is made from vegetable oil and has low cholesterol and saturated fat compared to butter and is among the 5 foods to never eat. This has been the healthiest option over the years but expert say it might not be all that healthy. Margarine is high on salt and contains artery-clogging trans-fat. These fats increase the blood cholesterol levels and one risk having a heart attack or other heart diseases. These fats also accelerate the skin aging process by making the skin more vulnerable to ultra violet radiation. Research shows that uses of margarine can cause chronic irritation which accelerates wrinkle formation.

4.    Soy protein

It is a common belief that all they soy products are healthy. This is not particularly true at least not for unfermented soy.  Most of the soy grown is genetically modified; it has high level of chemical pesticide that enables the plants to naturally rebel bugs. In some cases, most people lack the enzymes that are needed to digest soy. This can cause indigestion, bloating and gas. Continued use of soy products is unsafe since it can lead to a number of disease for example breast cancer, endometrial cancer and kidney diseases.  Some vegetables and fruit are not healthy for your consumption since they are loaded with pesticides. Research shows that these foods have an effect on the way the body works.

5.    Bacon

80 percent of bacon calories come from fat with almost half of that being the saturate variety. A lot of bacon consumption can lead to weight gain, skin irritation and can increase the risk of heart yummy baconattacks.

Finally, you should stick to the advice above on the 5 foods to never eat to ensure that you led a healthy life.

The Therapeutic Use of Cordyceps

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Cordyceps is a type of fungus that belongs to the mushroom family. There are more than 400 known species of Cordyceps, and they grow on the back of the caterpillar larvae. What sets this mushroom apart from the rest is its healing properties. The therapeutic benefits of Cordyceps were discovered by local herdsmen after they notice their cattle getting stronger and healthier after consuming Cordyceps in the high altitudes of the Himalayan Mountains of the Tibetan Region. Cordyceps contains nucleosides such as inosine, uracil, and uridine. On top of that, it is also rich in essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin K, fatty acids, proteins, and sterols.81HWQTciFzL._SY679_

Prevents liver problems

Cordyceps are powerful in preventing liver problems by altering the level of T lymphocyte subsets. It plays a very important role in the treatment and management of hepatic fibrosis. If you are suffering from liver fibrosis and other types of liver disease, then use Cordyceps as an herbal remedy.

Treatment for diabetes

Cordyceps can be used as a supplementary treatment for diabetes because of its polysaccharide content. It has an antioxidant property known for its blood glucose lowering effect. Furthermore, it improves glucose metabolism and increases insulin sensitivity.

Help prevent and fight certain types of cancer

Research showed that Cordyceps help fight certain types of cancer. It can significantly reduce the size of the tumor and improves the ability of the body to fight cancer cells.

Improves vitality and athletic performance

Regular use of Cordyceps can lead to a healthy body and improve vitality. As a matter of fact, it can greatly increase the flow of blood to various parts of the body, enhances athletic performance, and promotes the cellular formation and antioxidant properties. If you are doing activities that involve physical exertion, then the more you should take Cordyceps. It helps the body recover from stress and fatigue. It also promotes a good night sleep, reduces anxiety, and soothes the overall functioning of the nervous system.

Good for the heart and lungs

Cordyceps is a powerful herbal remedy for various cardiac and respiratory diseases. It improves the functioning of the respiratory system and enhances the function of blood vessels of the heart and brain. The anti-inflammatory property of Cordyceps makes it helpful in relaxing the bronchial walls. This makes Cordyceps helpful in the treatment and management of asthma, cough, bronchitis, and pneumonia.


Enhances libido and stamina

Cordyceps stimulates the produ621042996_148ction of the hormone testosterone, a sex hormone that boosts libido and enhances sexual performance. In fact, it has been proven helpful against infertility. If you want to spice up your sexual life and boost your performance in bed, then Cordyceps is the answer.

Cordyceps has long been used in the treatment and management of various diseases. However, just like any other herbal remedies, it is wise to consult your doctor before starting taking this supplement. People who are on maintenance medication, children, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers should be cautious when taking Cordyceps supplement.

Cordyceps supplement by OpenDoors Nutrition

There is so many Cordyceps supplement today, and one of the highly reputable manufacturers is OpenDoors Nutrition. It offers Cordyceps supplement that is 100% bioidentical to the Cordyceps found in the high altitudes of the Himalayan Mountains. OpenDoors Nutrition strictly adheres to the standards set by USDA. Hence, you are guaranteed of receiving only the best and proven effective and safe Cordyceps extract. It is free from contaminants and tested and verified by an on-site chemist and independent laboratory. With OpenDoors Nutrition’s Cordyceps extract, you will get the best value for your hard-earned money.

Chaga – A Potent Anti-Cancer Tonic

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Chaga is a miraculous medicinal mushroom that has long been used in the treatment and management of certain disease conditions. Research showed that Chaga is a powerful defense against big C (cancer). It protects the DNA from free radicals. It strengthens the immune system and helps reduce the growth of tumor.

What is Chaga?

Inonotus obliquus or popularly known as Chaga Mushroom is a type of fungus that belongs to the family of mushroom. It grows on the birch tree and other hardwood trees. The ones found in the birch tree have the highest level of betulinic acid, which helps fight cancer cells. Chaga is distinct from the rest of mushrooms because it is hard and black in color. In a glance, it looks like a lump charcoal.

The healing properties of Chaga

A research conducted by Japanese showed that Chaga has a high level of cell protective antioxidants. It makes Chaga effective in fighting cancer cells, especially in the breast, uterus, liver, skin, colon, lungs, and cervix. It gets rid of tumor cells without affecting the condition of healthy cells. Not only that it has anticancer property, but it also has anti-inflammatory and antiviral property. Chaga is rich in essential nutrients such as polysaccharides, sterols, flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. It also has beta-glucans, which is helpful in activating the functions of T-cells and at the same time enhances the production of antibodies.

Suggested method of consumption714qFyY6oFL._SX522_

There are several ways to consume Chaga. You can take it in the form of tea, apply topically on the skin, inhale as smoke, or consume in a powder form. Chaga is also available in tincture form. For brewing, add Chaga herbs to about 8 ounces of hot water and let it steep there for about five minutes. You can also consume it raw, but many people prefer to mix the herbs with their favorite foods and even add it to their smoothies. If you want to get the most of the benefits offered by Chaga, then you should consume it in the tincture form. Chaga tinctures help extract and preserve the medicinal compositions of the Chaga mushroom. For best result, you should take at least a teaspoon of Chaga one to two times a day on a regular basis.

Choosing the best Chaga supplement

Chaga is one of the favorite nutritional supplements today. A lot of companies are enticed to manufacture their Chaga supplement. The Chaga supplement offered by OpenDoors Nutrition is one of the highly reputable brands today. The Chaga used is cultivated, mycelium grown powder. It is organically grown and manufacture in the United States. It contains the fruiting body and the powerful mycelium. It is manufactured in accordance with the standards set by USDA.

What made OpenDoors Nutrition’s Chaga supplement the best?

  •    It uses a purely organic Chaga extract.
  •    No hidden ingredients were used.
  •    It is gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly.
  •    It is reasonably priced.
  •    It is easy to consume.
  •    It tastes good (vanilla-like flavor).
  •    It is tested by an on-site chemist and verified by an independent laboratory.
  •    It is manufactured in a cGMP facility.
  •    The company offers one year 100% money-back guarantee.

An Athletic Green’s Live Taste Test – Good?

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You may or may not have heard of Athletic Greens… or in that case any

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HINT: Yes… it’s a pretty awesome product.

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Athletic Greens

BrightStar Care – Providing High Quality Home Care

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The demand for senior health care is deemed to increase over the next coming years as the number of people 65-years-old and above perceives to double by the year 2050. This senior population doesn’t want to be in a nursing home. They want to remain independent and continue to live right in the comfort of their home together with their loved ones.

BrightStar Care is a company owned by Shelly Sun and her husband. This company currently fills in the growing demand for high-quality home health care. They began offering BrightStar Care franchise two years after they built the company. BrightStar offers a lucrative business opportunity. It has become successful not only in the United States, but as well as some parts of the world like Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, China, Middle East, and Japan.


Shelly Sun, being the current chief operating officer of the BrightStar Care guaranteed its franchisee that the company is currently busy with its international expansion. It has just recently expanded its service to countries near the United States and even in the Southeast Asia. One of the primary goals of BrightStar Care is to deliver high-quality home health care to people who need it regardless of their location. BrightStar is true to its promise: to provide a higher standard of home care for families.

Franchising with BrightStar Care

There are many companies offering home health care franchise. What sets BrightStar Care apart from the rest? BrightStar Care is different because it remains true to its promise, and that is to Brightstar Health Caredeliver the highest possible quality of care. Shelly personally handles and oversees the operation of every franchise. She sees to it that every franchise strictly adheres with the standard of care set by the company. In every franchise location, there is a registered nurse director of nursing who lays out the plan of care for every client. The nurse director makes sure that the team is performing at a level expected of them.

BrightStar Care provides a holistic continuum of care. It provides medical services, nonmedical services, and medical staffing. To further ensure the highest quality of care and services, each BrightStar Care franchise should obtain Joint Commission Accreditation. It is a health care quality organization that sets the standards for health care.

Who Should Franchise with BrightStar Care?

If you are currently looking for a new business venture and you find health care an appealing industry to start with, then BrightStar Care franchise is for you. You don’t necessarily need a health care background to run this type of business. As long as you recognize the demand and have the passion to make a true difference in the life of others, then you are a perfect candidate for BrightStar Care franchise. Budget wise, the company has a very low startup cost. If you don’t have enough money, then do not lose hope for BrightStar offers financing options to aspiring businessmen. BrightStar Care remains dedicated and true to its promise, and that is to deliver continuously high-quality health care services to every country that needs it the most.

The 67 Steps: A Platform for Success

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If you are just like many people out there who are continuously searching for ways to improve their career and life as a whole, then you will surely find the 67 steps program helpful. It is a platform for success created by no other than Tai Lopez. He helps other people become successful in life using timeless wisdom. He gets the wisdom from reading books, from his mentors, and personal experiences in life. He reads books on a daily basis and shares his reviews afterwards. He also guides people towards achieving a good life.

What is the 67 steps program all about?

The 67 steps program is a series of video that tackles everything you need to achieve a so-called “good life.” It contains the learning and wisdom coming from some of the wisest and successful people of our time. By simply following the 67 steps, you will learn how to achieve balance in life, especially in four important aspects of life such as health, wealth, happiness, and love.

Getting to know Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is an author, a mentor, and an investor who began experiencing the realities of life at a very young age. He is not an A+ student. As a matter of fact, he is a college dropout and joined the group of young entrepreneur using his background in financial services. Tai became a certified financial planner and began working for several financial companies for several years. He worked at GE Capital for two years until he finally decided to create his very own financial company known as LLG Financial Inc.

Who is Tai Lopez today? He is now a man of many titles. He is known as one of the youngest millionaires in the world. He is an investor, an entrepreneur, a mentor, a keynote speaker, and a whole tai lopez tedx talklot more. He inspires other people to follow his footsteps towards success and completely avoiding the mistakes he committed in life. His 67 steps to good life is a compilation of principles he used in achieving a good life. He encourages other people to continuously seek wisdom in life and one way of doing so is by reading books. He also runs YouTube channels and podcast. Aside from reading books, Lopez also gives emphasis on the willingness to be mentored by some of the famous, successful, and influential people in the industry. He, himself was mentored by Bill Gates and it has a positive impact on his journey as a successful young investor.

He also followed the footsteps of the greatest people in the history. It is impossible for these people to personally mentor him and so what he did was he read books authored by these people. By doing so, he was able to further enrich his knowledge and outlook in life. Some of the greatest philosophers that inspired him to achieve success are Socrates and Plato.

The 67 steps by Tai Lopez is indeed a masterpiece. If you want to succeed in life and enjoy living it to the fullest, then you should be willing to be mentored by one of the greatest people today. For more information about his 67 steps program, feel free to visit

Watch Tai Lopez TedX Talk Below


Is the Institute for Integrative Nutrition the Right School For You?

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An important step to becoming a health coach is getting certification from a highly accredited nutrition school. There are so many nutrition schools today and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is one of the best. It has been offering health coaching course since 1992 and up until now it remains to be the largest nutrition school in the world.

Why The Institute for Integrative Nutrition other Nutrition Schools?

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition Staff

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition Staff

• It offers health and happiness coaching.
• It offers a holistic health coaching training.
• It is the largest nutrition school in the world.
• It teaches all theories and approach to health and wellness.
• It has great learning materials.
• Right after completing the program, you will surely gain confidence which you need when coaching clients and starting your own business.
• It helps put yourself forward by its supportive community.

Who should enroll in Integrative Nutrition?

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is ideal for people who want to transform their health and life for the better. It is intended to people who are looking for holistic knowledge in healing, health coaching, and business marketing. If you have the passion to transform other people’s life, then take the next big step and earn your health coaching certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition Program Structure

Beginning – At the start of the program, you will be taught about health and nutrition foundation. Lectures are focused more into health aspects, dietary theories, nutrition theories, healthy resources, and the likes.

Middle – Halfway through the program, you will be taught about coaching styles including honing of business and marketing skills. There are several modules, which you need to complete and you can actually access these modules online or through your phone, iPad, and tablet. You only need to devote at least four to six hours a week to listen to the module. Alongside, you will be given test, assignments, and other requirements which you need to complete within a specified timeframe.

Final – At the final stage of the program, you will be taught about marketing and business. Experienced health coach will teach you different ways to generate money as a life coach. You can do purely health coaching or you might want to consider being a life coach. Some people prefer combining health coaching and life coaching. If you prefer to take this path, then most likely you will focus on meal planning, emotions on foods, diet, emotional transformation, developing happiness on health, and so on.

Other perks of enrolling in IIN

Institute for Integrative Nutrition reviews

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

• There are plenty of handouts, which you can use when coaching your client or starting your business.
• IIN offers good community from peer coaching.
• You can join coaching group and be able to ask guidance and inspiration from other students and health coaching experts.
• You will be invited to a conference for free wherein the speakers are the people you don’t mind spending money to see, but the good thing with IIN is that you get to see these speakers for free.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Cost
Pursuing a health coaching career with IIN is surely money well spent. The health coaching program offered by IIN is effective in transforming your health, community, and the world as a whole. IIN offers financing options and payment plans just to make education more affordable for you.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Reviews

Listen to the reviews of other health coaches from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and decide for yourself if it is the best fit for you.

IIN Review Part I

IIN Review Part II

Resources: Integrative Nutrition, by Joshua Rosenthal